O6 ENV Announces New Website for Environmental Cleanup

O6 Environmental, a St. Louis-based waste disposal companyThe new website of, is now available. The new website was launched on 2021. Services environmental remediation, industrial cleanup, hazardous waste disposal emergency responseServices, such as. They work in collaboration with federal agencies and private firms to address issues like heavy metals or radioactive materials.

O6’s integrity is a key factor in its success. Their military background makes them efficient, and their training ensures compliance with all regulations. Each project gives o6 an opportunity to develop a friendship and continue that relationship every time they are hired. They have worked on many projects, including the removal of coal tar from natural gas plants and the cleaning up of a landfill gas scrubbing site. They also help to dispose of industrial waste in warehouse fires. They are skilled at removing hazardous materials, such as lead, asbestos and mold.

O6 ENV’s headquarters is in St. Louis MO. They also provide services across the country. They also provide services in New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, and other states. Paric Corporation, Cedar Falls Utilities and Ameren are some of the companies they have worked for. They have combined experience of over 20 years in difficult projects and work to save customers money when possible. EaglePicher Technologies supplies battery power systems. O6 is still a partner. Both organizations extended their agreement on environmental services to 2022. Dan Geisler, who is a veteran of this service, is the company’s chief. For more information on O6 services, please call (314) 862-6671. Or send them an email at https://o6env.com/.

06 ENV
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St. Louis, MO
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