Havas’s Vanessa Romann on the hybrid future of work: ‘We will learn as we go’

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Romann admits that remote work is something many people take for granted. “We were very productive in 2020, as we moved from the office environment, because we mimicked on the computer a lot of what happened in real life.“

However, she is beginning to feel screen fatigue. “There‘s a lack of organic interaction across client relationships and among teammates. It‘s hard to joke around, it‘s hard to laugh, it‘s hard to interrupt with a small head nod without disrupting the flow of the meeting.“

Romann believes that interpersonal cues are important for career development and workplace relationships. But Havas is a creative organization that can adapt to changing circumstances. “We love the work we do – who we do it with, and how we get it done, are so much part of the experience that we have in a creative company.

“So I think coming together again will be great. But I also think we‘ve learned a lot about how to work autonomously, so I‘m hoping the best of both worlds happens.“

If that doesn‘t happen perfectly? “We will learn as we go. There‘s always time to iterate and improve on on our model.“

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