Creative Works: 10 of the best ads of the week from Beats by Dre to The Body Shop

After her Tokyo 2020 Olympic dreams were crushed by the United States Doping Agency, Sha’Carri Richardson was seen in the latest Beats by Dre commercial. She was suspended for having marijuana in her system. Against the tagline ‘Live Your Truth’, Richardson is seen preparing to sprint as she listens to No Child Left Behind – a single from Kanye West’s anticipated 10th album Donda – with her Beats Studio Buds.

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Campari: Campari, Fellini Forward by Wunderman Thompson & Unit9

A cocktail of two iconic Italian exports – Federico Fellini and Campari – the bittersweet red aperitif is emulating the work of the cinema pioneer in the first-ever short film to use artificial intelligence to bring the creative genius of Fellini to life. Created by ad agency Wunderman Thomson, it marks the return of Campari Red Diaries, a series of short films that illustrate that ‘every cocktail tells a story’.

Set in the heart of Rome, the short movie will explore Fellini’s life and dreams. Directed by Maximilian Niemann, to help them define what could or could not be perceived as ‘Felliniesque’ the team quizzed original members of Fellini’s crew, who provided key insights on the maestro’s oeuvre.

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Beats By Dre: Sha’Carri Richardson & Kanye West

Top gold medal contender for the 100-meter sprint, Sha’Carri Richardson’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic dreams were shattered when the United States Doping Agency suspended her after detecting marijuana in her system. Infuriated outrage soon ensued, with commentators condemning the decision as “illogical, unjust and dangerous”.

Richardson’s struggles have brought her to the forefront, just like many other athletes. Even though she did not compete in the Games, Beats by Dre and Nike have offered their support.

Against the tagline ‘Live Your Truth’, Richardson is seen preparing to sprint as she listens to No Child Left Behind – a single from Kanye West’s anticipated 10th album Donda – with her Beats Studio Buds.

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The Body Shop: Self Love Street By Wax/On

To help people develop a more positive relationship with themselves, The Body Shop has staged an ‘ad intervention’ that asks customers to meet it on ‘Self Love Street’.

The campaign features three housemates who use different ways to love themselves. It focuses on three key issues: rejection of love, external validation and body image.

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Red Consultancy: Sky Mobile – Time to 65075

Sky Mobile has today unveiled its latest campaign, ‘Time to 65075’, a catchy break-up rap written by Lady Leshurr, with an accompanying fun and humorous music video.

The campaign has been created to highlight the network initiative ‘Text to Switch’, which offers UK consumers the chance to ditch their current mobile network provider and switch to Sky Mobile by simply texting PAC to 65075.

The track’s purpose is to help people get out of bad relationships with their partner or mobile provider and move on to better things.

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Nike: New Fairies by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo

Knocking all stereotypes out of the skatepark, Rayssa Leal was only seven when she went viral after a video surfaced of the young Brazilian dressed as a fairy princess, landing what Tony Hawk coined the ‘fairytale heelflip’.

Her career took off, opening the door for a new generation in teen girl skaters. Rolling into this year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics at the age of 13 as a fan favorite, Leal got her first medal in the sport’s inaugural appearance at the Games, winning silver in women’s street skateboarding.

To commemorate Leal’s first Olympics, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo created ‘New Fairies’ – a Disney-esque film starring the young skateboarder.

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Netflix: A Classic Horror Story from Publicis Italy

Netflix is promoting its horror content by bringing to life a stalking demon, which silently pursues passersby on the streets.

Working in cahoots with Publicis Italy, an outsize interactive billboard has been requisitioned for the stunt, bringing people’s worst fears to life with an inevitable jump scare… just when you think you’re safe.

’A Classic Horror Story’ was conceived by Publicis Italy to play on the public’s fear of strangers, encouraging victims to be grateful that demonic horrors are restricted to works of fiction.

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Channel 4: Channel 4 is All-Inclusive by 4Creative

Channel 4 has launched ‘Altogether Different’, a brand marketing campaign that celebrates what makes the broadcaster distinct. It was created to remind viewers what the programmer stood for at the launch its Future4 strategy last January.

This new film will air across Channel 4’s linear, digital and social channels and illustrates how Channel 4 celebrates difference in an entertaining, inclusive way, reflecting the diversity of the whole of the UK through a broad range of impactful public service content.

The compilation of beloved Channel 4 shows is an important first step in a longer-term campaign. A conceptual campaign will follow later this year, featuring famous Channel 4 faces.

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Durex: Freedom Day by Havas London

Durex is celebrating the closure of a Covid-19-fueled period of national chastity with a tactical billboard campaign proclaiming the word ‘freedom’ superimposed on to a condom.

Riding on the coattails of last Monday’s ‘Freedom Day’, the rallying cry leaves its underlying message to the imagination of passers-by, declaring: ‘It’s here. Enjoy it.’

Durex is shifting the protection conversation away form face masks to condoms in a tactical advertisement campaign that welcomes a return of normality for first time since March 2020.

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Shelter: Not My Shame by Vice

Shelter, a charity that addresses homelessness and housing, has partnered to Vice Media Group to bring attention the extent and impact of the housing crisis on economically and socially marginalized communities.

Over the next six-months, the partnership will see a number documentaries and articles. It comes off the back of Shelter’s ‘Fight for Home’ campaign launch last month, which highlighted the staggering escalation of the housing emergency.

‘Not My Shame’ explores the transformational power of art and community activism to remove the shame, blame and social exclusion felt by young people in precarious housing situations. The housing crisis has disproportionately affected low-income communities and people with a history of discrimination.

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Apple: Shot on iPhone

Apple has tapped into the cuteness of our household pets in order to champion the iPhone 12’s photography chops.

The latest installment of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign series features pictures of cats and dogs by photographer Jason Nocito, who employs his photogenic subjects to striking effect in order to highlight the effectiveness of Portrait Lighting.

The pet portraits show the democratization and accessibility of photography.

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