Ad revenues surge at Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft

Silicon Valley is reaping all the benefits of a resurgent market for advertising, with revenues rising across the board as brands vie for a piece of the digital pie.

Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft all posted record-breaking quarters. This highlights the gains made in a technology sector which has been the lifeblood of the economy through repeated lockdowns.

The leader of the charge is AlphabetAfter increasing 69% over the same quarter last year, Google ad revenues have surpassed analyst expectations to reach $50.44bn.

YouTube advertising alone brought in $7bn, well ahead of the $6.37bn penciled in by Wall Street, with connected TVs now the fastest-growing ‘surface’ in Google’s empire with 120 million viewers streaming directly from their telly.

Proving Google’s success to be no mere fluke, MicrosoftFourth-quarter figures were also impressive. Of particular interest to marketers is the tech giant’s More Personal Computing segment, which includes advertising revenue, that grew a healthy 9% to generate a return of $14.09bn – significantly to the right side of expectations set at $13.74bn.

Search advertising grew by 53% while its marketing solutions business grew by 97% to contribute more than $1bn in quarterly revenues.

You don’t want to be left out Apple also joined the party, with chief executive Tim Cook boasting that his firm had set new records in advertising – although he did not break down the specific composition of its services arms.

Instead, Cook lauded a 36% year-on-year surge in revenue, which took it up to $81.41bn – smashing estimates that the iPhone maker would pull in a mere $73.3bn.

Yesterday’s figures by Reach, a news magazine, show that Reach’s digital advertising business has grown by 42.7%. The Guardian also shared similar good news.

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