This Is Why Your Brand Should Be Using TikTok Right Now

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TikTok is the best social-media platform for long-term success. But why is this? There is a lot of organic potential and many users who create and consume content in an authentic way. TikTok lets users see the real faces of their favorite creators and hear their voices, unlike other social media platforms that often use heavily edited photos or short snippets text with a hashtag. TikToks can also easily migrate to other social media platforms via sharing. Some content creators upload TikToks onto their other social media channels. Viewers then share these videos on other platforms. 

The rise of TikTok reminds me of the beginning of YouTube: a lot of people uploading videos and receiving thousands of views over a short period before views stall out. Some YouTubers could become influencers or earn sponsorships from companies, but many would not. 

TikTok does not mimic this ephemeral success YouTube had in its early days, nor does it seem to follow Vine’s rise and fall. 

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The app launched worldwide in 2017 and currently boasts 73.7 million active users with over 2 billion global downloads. All of these users can see your content and your brand could earn thousands, or even millions of impressions on this app. I heard about Ocean Spray earning over 15 million impressions on the platform after creator Nathan Apodaca featured the company’s product in his videos.

I tested the organic potential using some of my own silly videos. I was stunned at the millions, hundreds of thousands, comments, and thousands upon thousands of duets I received over the last few months on video topics that range from the Canadian passport’s impressiveness to DC Villains to facts concerning books. I also have channels devoted to sharing my favorite marketing tips, which may not garner millions of views like the more general and silly channels, but still get seen by my target audience in an organic way that any other platform would have charged for. You can reach any group you want on Tik Tok. Creators can reach millions of people if they wish. 

TikTok promotes organic growth

This social-media platform is rapidly expanding and has an innovative algorithm that allows you to reach many people by allowing your account to be seen by many people based on how much your content is liked. Similar to Instagram’s algorithm, users only see posts and accounts they have interacted with the most. The more you watch a specific creator’s content, the more likely his or her content is to reappear on your feed. 

TikTok’s video completion feature is huge. When users watch a video in full, the TikTok algorithm becomes more likely to suggest that video to other users’ feeds. This means that the video will appear on more feeds if it is watched in its entirety by more users. 

TikTok algorithms are also affected by hashtags and user-viewing habits. For example, if you like to watch videos in niche communities, like DanceTok, BookTok and MusicTok, the algorithm will suggest similar videos. Much like other social-media platforms, brands looking to capitalize on TikTok’s potential should keep up with trending hashtags, songs and perhaps dances to increase their video’s reach.

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TikTok offers more features than other social media platforms

TikTok makes it feel more like a part of a community than other social media platforms. The platform has a variety of niche communities that have developed over the past year. New niches are constantly emerging as more users join it. For example, BusinessTok or BrandTok are two niche communities where entrepreneurs and business leaders share tips, experiences and livestream some of their events. BookTok, another popular niche, is where bibliophiles get together to share book recommendations as well as celebrate new releases. 

TikTok makes it possible for users to interact and see each other in a way other social-media platforms like Twitter do not. Creators can connect with each other via video replies and duets, allowing them to create a deeper connection. 

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TikTok is a great tool for business owners. Marketers, accountants, restaurant services, cooks, lawyers, doctors and many other professionals have created profiles to have fun and raise brand awareness. As a result, you will reach more people organically, translating to more buyers, leads and even customers. TikTok is a great opportunity for content creators, but especially for entrepreneurs looking to move on in their marketing plans. If you are a business owner, you should always stay on top of marketing trends, techniques and new platforms. TikTok is one of them, and it’s not going away any time soon. 

Make use of its viral nature to help your brand’s digital-marketing campaigns reach new heights.