Free Webinar | August 4: How to Generate E-Commerce Sales Through Social Media

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While Facebook ads are a common way for ecommerce companies to grow their sales, there is another way. Neil Patel will discuss 3 ways social media can be used to increase sales. Neil will explain step-by-step how to use social media to generate more sales.

Tip 1: Selling through Stories – I will teach anyone who wants to make sales using stories. It’s an unusual approach that only a few people use.
Tip 2: Selling by going live is how it works for QVC. It will work for your company too.
Tip 3: How you can leverage influencers – even if it’s not possible to pay them, you can still get sales through them.

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About the Speaker

Neil Patel, a leading expert in digital marketing, is the CMO and cofounder of NP Digital. This agency serves both publicly traded companies and small businesses. His clients include Facebook and Google, Adobe, Microsoft. Airbnb, eBay. Western Union. The Wall Street Journal named Patel a top web influencer. Forbes named him one among the top 10 marketers. Entrepreneur Magazine called him one of 100 most brilliant entrepreneurs. President Obama recognized Neil as a top 100 entrepreneur below the age 30 and a top 100 businessman under 35 by the United Nations. Interviews with Patel have been conducted by WSJ, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc. CNN, VICE, The Street, CNBC and other media outlets.