Adorable pets tug heartstrings in Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ photography campaign

Apple has tapped into the cuteness of our household pets in order to champion the iPhone 12’s photography chops.

The latest installment of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign series features pictures of cats and dogs by photographer Jason Nocito, who employs his photogenic subjects to striking effect in order to highlight the effectiveness of Portrait Lighting.

Pet portraits are a reflection of the democratization in photography. This means that cutting-edge techniques that were once reserved for professionals can now be used by anyone with an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max.

You can see the billboards in the US and the Apple-themed takeovers of Instagram, WeChat. The monochrome images are accompanied by Nocito’s top tips for pet owners, including how to make their own hairy balls look their best.

Nocito said: “You’re always seeing pets, and they’re funny. They’re funny pictures, but these pictures are kinda serious when you think about it. But also hilarious.”

Apple will host a live studio session on July 29 in which Nocito will explain how black-and-white elegance need not drain the color from life’s absurdities.

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