UK will have to live with some restrictions until coronavirus vaccine is developed, say officials

‘Normal life will stay on hold until a virus vaccine becomes available in about 18 months, officials said last night. Advice to work from home and stay in for seven days if you have symptoms will probably still be in place next year. Ministers want to lift the most restrictive parts of the lockdown, including school and shop closures, within weeks. But senior Government sources say the only true ‘exit strategy’ is a vaccine or a cure. Until then, the … Read More

Coronavirus reminds us of the culture of Passover (Passover 2020) +What is Passover?

Is Coronavirus a plague? Passover 2020 brings to mind some Facts and memories about Passover. What is Passover? What is the Lesson of Passover? Passover has hand washing too. With the coronavirus pandemic across the world, it’s so hard to ignore the Passover 2020. “Each year, millions of Jews gather at Passover to remember their Hebrew forbears’ exodus from Egypt, where they escaped. “Thanks to 10 divinely sent plagues. The plagues of Egypt. “The Plagues of Egypt, in the story … Read More

Passover 2020: President Donald Trump’s Passover Message

Passover 2020: President Donald J. Trump’s Passover Message A white house video on YouTube released President Trump’s 2020 Passover Message. Happy Passover! — enjoy the Passover message below: President Donald J. Trump sends Happy Passover Message. “Passover is truly the story of strength of the Jewish people. And for the Jewish people. The President added “I want to wish everybody a very happy Passover” Meanwhile somewhere else: Israel News: Passover 2020 Israel on total lockdown ahead of Passover; Iran attempts … Read More

President Trump Says Coronavirus Is So Contagious | See What Biden & Bernie Said

Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus (Trump, Biden & Bernie Sanders) April timeline 2020 1: Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus Press Conference: April 1 On China Question: “Did China underreport both the number of cases and the death toll from the coronavirus?… THE PRESIDENT: We really don’t know. I mean, yeah — look, how do we know whether if they underreported or reported however they report? But we had a great call the other night. We’re working together on a lot … Read More

“Ural Airlines” “Flight 178” Crashlanded: “Bird Strike” Accident August 15

Airline Disasters And Accidents: A Ural Airlines Airbus 321 crash lands in a field near Zhukovsky International Airport in Moscow Region of Russia, due to A Bird Strike Accident. Ural Airlines Flight 178 was a scheduled passenger flight from Moscow–Zhukovsky to Simferopol, Crimea. On 15 August 2019, an Airbus A321 (VQ-BOZ) operating the flight suffered a bird strike after taking off from Zhukovsky and crash landed in a cornfield a few kilometers past the airport. Twenty-nine people were injured. The aircraft suffered a … Read More

Nigeria News | #RevolutionNow: Lawyer Drags Buhari, Police, SSS To Court Over Violent Attacks Of Protesters

Nigeria News | #RevolutionNow: Lawyer Drags Buhari, Police, SSS To Court Over Violent Attacks Of Protesters Barrister Olukoya Ogungbeje, a human rights activist and lawyer, has dragged the federal government to court over a clampdown on protesters demanding better governance in Nigeria. Ogungbeje, a rights lawyer, is praying the court to order the police to release everyone in its detention stating that protest is a guaranteed right of every Nigeria according to the constitution of the country. The lawyer joined … Read More

Nigeria News | Flooding News: President Buhari Warns Nigerians To Be Alert

Nigeria News | Flooding News: President Buhari Warns Nigerians To Be Alert President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to pay attention to early warning flooding alerts by government agencies. The appeal is coming days after the management of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University issued a notice for students to vacate the campus after a flood disaster killed four undergraduates on campus. In a post through his Twitter handle @MBuhari, the President said, “I want to appeal to Nigerians to please … Read More

Nigeria News | Sowore: Don’t Undermine Our Democracy, Shehu Sani Tells Buhari

  Senator Shehu Sani has told  President Muhammadu Buhari not to rubbish Nigeria’s democracy with his dictatorial tendencies towards those opposed to his leadership style. The senator described the action of the government towards peaceful protests as worrisome, adding that protests were a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution. Sani disclosed this in Abuja at the International World’s Indigenous Peoples Day organised by the Coalition of FCT Indigenous Association. He said, “My own submission to the President is that he … Read More

Dayton Sunday shooting: Nine already killed, gunman also died

Nine humans were been killed and at least 27 injured in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio — It’s the second in the US in 24 hours. Police killed the gunman while he was still at the point of the mass shooting. The mass shooting by the gunman started at 01:07 local time (05:07 GMT) in the Oregon district of the city centre. The local mayor said the gunman wore frame armour and came carrying greater ammunition. The suspect used … Read More

Fika Local Government Postal Code | ZIP Code – Yobe Postal Code

Important: Please note that Fika Postal Code is equivalent to Fika ZIP Code. [1] Fika Local Government Postal Code | ZIP Code Towns Postal Codes 1 Anzie 622104 2 Boza 622104 3 Bulakos 622104 4 Chana 622104 5 Daniski 622104 6 Daya 622104 7 Didim 622104 8 Diffuel 622104 9 Dozi 622104 10 Dumbulwa 622104 11 Fika 622104 12 Fusami 622104 13 Gadaka 622104 14 Galamo 622104 15 Garin Aba 622104 16 Garin Jaji 622104 17 Garin Wayo 622104 18 … Read More