Valley View (Romney, West Virginia): Article of the day for February 22, 20201 min read

The Mediadise Article of The Day for February 22, 2020 is: Valley View (Romney, West Virginia).
Valley View is a mid-19th-century Greek Revival residence and farm overlooking the South Branch Potomac River northwest of Romney, West Virginia. Sitting atop a promontory where Depot Valley joins the South Branch Potomac River valley, the house was built by James Parsons Jr. in 1855. It is a two-story brick structure with a rectangular architectural plan. The front entrance is covered by a small portico, topped with a pediment supported by wooden Doric columns. The rear of the house, with a two-story wood porch stretching across it, faces Mill Creek Mountain. Each of the eight large rooms of the original structure contains a fireplace framed by a wooden trabeated mantelpiece with classical elements. The original windows, wooden trim, and materials in the main section of the house are intact. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 as a locally significant example of Greek Revival architecture.