How to Navigate Facebook New Design Quick and Easy

After test-running my new Facebook design, I would like to say that I really like how simplified the User Interface has become. In this writing, I annotate the easy to find features which I’ve discovered. (The news feed page is that page, where you find news, and updates about your friends, pages, groups, events etc.)   Facebook profile page: This is where you have your archive — Facebook posts, Facebook shares, and things you allowed on your wall. (That’s your … Read More

Control News Feed on Facebook, to Enjoy Facebook More!

News Feed in Facebook can greatly influence your experience on Facebook. The news feed on Facebook determines what you see in your news updates on the site. And that’s how it impacts your experience on that social media site. By the way — Do you know that you can control the news updates that you get in your Facebook news feed? It’s like being in charge of the remote control of your Facebook news feed. The benefits: The benefits that comes with … Read More