How to Navigate Facebook New Design Quick and Easy

After test-running my new Facebook design, I would like to say that I really like how simplified the User Interface has become. In this writing, I annotate the easy to find features which I’ve discovered. (The news feed page is that page, where you find news, and updates about your friends, pages, groups, events etc.)   Facebook profile page: This is where you have your archive — Facebook posts, Facebook shares, and things you allowed on your wall. (That’s your … Read More

How I activated my New Facebook Design in 4 Easy Steps

If you would like to activate your Facebook new design, and experience the simplicity of the simplified user interface, then check out my writing on. How to I activated my New Facebook Design in 4 Easy Steps. Step 1/4 Click the tiny drop down button from the menu bar (1 on my attached screenshot below.) then click “Switch to New Facebook” As shown in the image above, the first thing I did while activating my Facebook new design, was to … Read More

Facebook new design: View all the amazing new features

The Facebook new design will soon be ready (hopefully for everyone.) Facebook is working on new user interface. Features on new Facebook design will make Facebook more user friendly. Facebook referred me to the sneak peek page of the oncoming Facebook new design, and today I’m glad to share my review on the new design features — it’s all amazing features! Have you been tired of your classic Facebook user interface? Well if you have, then you’re not alone. Mark … Read More