Saladmaster Cooking System: Waterless Cookware — Whats your Opinion?3 min read

I’d like to talk about Saladmaster Cookware.

Saladmaster Cooking System: Opinions, Abuja

Saladmaster is a healthy cookware system.

What is Saladmaster?

“Saladmaster is a global leader dedicated to helping people learn how proper food preparation plays an essential role in nutritional cooking and healthy living with the most advanced nutritional cooking system available.”

And if you know about Saladmaster before now, then that’s fine
(I knew of it, about two and half years ago.)

Please I want to find out opinions from those who know about the Saladmaster cooking system.

  1. Is the Saladmaster cook system worth it?
  2. Did you buy the Saladmaster cookware when you saw the presentation?
  3. Would you ever buy the Saladmaster cookware system?

Those are my curiosity.

And perhaps you feel its not worth it,
Would you share with me how it got it wrong with you.

To me, the Saladmaster nutrition cooking system looks convincing. And with the right budget at hand, I would own a set of the cooking system.

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Waterless Cookware system: Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7817


Why Saladmaster?

Saladmaster is made from a Titanium metal. which is a superior metal to the average cookware industry competitor.

So What’s Special About Titanium metal?

The two unique properties of the Titanium metal useful are corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio, the highest of any metallic element. Titanium metal is very durable even in engineering applications. And the reason is because of its corrosion-resistance. Secondly, Titanium metal is very strong, and surprisingly very light. In fact, Titanium is 40% lighter than steel. Yet it is as strong as the steel. In conclusion, Titanium is special. And the reason is because it is strong, beautiful, lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, and bio-compatible. With respect to the cookware system, the corrosion resistance of Titanium is particularly distinct to the Saladmaster cookware system.

Saladmaster is a waterless cookware.

What is waterless cooking about?

Waterless Cooking basically means cooking without the addition of water. This is not the common way of cooking, but it’s healthier. Have you observed that you need to continue adding water to your food, for it to get softer and edible? You may be surprised to hear this — That’s an unhealthy way of cooking. And the reason is because, cooking with water reduces the flavor of the food. And the food nutrients also lose potency when they are cooked in water. With Saladmaster cookware, you would be able to jump on the waterless cooking rave. Some foods would still require a small portion of water to cook them. And this is true for foods that do not naturally have their own juice. (e.g. Rice) But I assure you this — you wont need as much water as you would need if you were cooking with the regular cookware. This is another healthy cooking benefit that Salad master cookware brings to the cooking system industry.

Is it only Saladmaster that provides this waterless cooking benefits?

The answer is NO. There are other waterless cookware systems out there.

List of Waterless Cooking System — Best Waterless Cookware


Waterless Cookware Set: Maxam 9-Element


Maxam KT17 17-Piece:

Maxam KT17 17-Piece properties They are resistant to corrosion, Resistant to Temperature, Resistant to Dents, and stains. The Maxam KT17 17-Piece steel is easy to clean. The material used for making the Maxam KT17 17-Piece doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your recipes They also have steam control valves.

How much is Maxam KT17 17-Piece waterless cookware system?

Maxam KT17 17-Piece previously sold at $1,595.00. However, with its current discounts, you could get at a price of $242.32 (I don’t know the reason for the price slash & and I don’t know how long the crazy price slash would last)

Without details, other waterless cookware systems are listed below:

  • 17pc Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Set by Sterlings
  • 28pc. 12Ply T304 Stainless Steel, Waterless Cookware set NEW
  • 360 Cookware Premium Waterless Stainless Steel Essential 4pc Box Set

Why Saladmaster…

  • Saladmaster cookware has locking lids on each pot and pan. This is helps for extra cooking security and ease of transport
  • Saladmaster uses vapor-valve technology, which is unique. This makes it easier for food steaming
  • Saladmaster pot and pan handles are 100% hot and cold resistant.