President Trump Says Coronavirus Is So Contagious | See What Biden & Bernie Said2 min read

Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus (Trump, Biden & Bernie Sanders) April timeline 2020

President Trump on Coronavirus April 2020 _ IT IS SO CONTAGIOUS


Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus

Press Conference: April 1

On China

Question: “Did China underreport both the number of cases and the death toll from the coronavirus?…

THE PRESIDENT: We really don’t know. I mean, yeah — look, how do we know whether if they underreported or reported however they report?

But we had a great call the other night. We’re working together on a lot of different things, including trade.”

On comparing coronavirus to the flu:

Question: “[Yesterday] you said, ‘This is no flu…’ over the past month, you’ve compared it to the flu sometimes, saying, ‘Treat it like the flu…’

So what changed your thinking on that or your language on that?

THE PRESIDENT: I think the severity. I think also in looking at the way the contagion — it is so contagious. Nobody has ever seen anything like this, where large groups of people, all of a sudden, just by being in the presence of somebody, have it. The flu has never been like that.” [Link]



Joe Biden: Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus

on Twitter: April 1

“It’s now April, and:

– States still don’t have enough tests
– Hospitals still don’t have enough ventilators
– Health care workers still don’t have enough masks

Donald Trump needs to use all available authorities immediately to solve these shortages.” [Link]


Bernie Sanders _ Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus

Bernie Sanders: Presidential Candidates on Coronavirus

on ABC’s The View: April 1

“Q: What’s the number one thing that keeps you up at night right now?


“Number one thing, clearly I think, that Trump from the very beginning downplayed the threat of this virus. The idea that today we have doctors and nurses in this country that do not have masks that cost 50 cents or a dollar apiece is unbelievable.

“Not enough ventilators, gloves, gowns. That speaks to this health care system, but right now we have to listen to the scientists. We have to maintain our social distancing.

“We need the world to cooperate to move as aggressively as we can to come up with a vaccine, to come up with any kind of treatment that we can.” [Link]



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