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Patience meaning: It's popular to say that patience is a virtue
Patience is a virtue: Photo source: @BlairOutLoud


Patience Quotes:

I defined patience in one my articles on: getting experience in any endeavour you desire; and one of the outstanding definitions of patience there was:

Patience is the level of endurance one can have before conceding!

Now a second definition of patience is:

“Patience is the ability to endure waiting;

endure delay,

or endure provocation

without becoming annoyed or upset.

Patience is the ability to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.

I took that much time to talk about patience’ meaning, so you have an adequate foreknowledge about the meaning of patience; before giving the most famous patience quotes of all times.

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Importance of Patience.
Only patient people at work become experts: Photo by EliasSch

The importance of patience are numerous. And patience has lots of benefits. Below are vital importance of patience.

Patience is important to become an expert:

The first thing to know about the importance of patience is that; it’s impossible to achieve long term goals without patience. Impatient people give up early. They just cant sustain the pace. They cant tolerate the process. They can’t endure the process.

It’s impossible to achieve long term goals without the patience virtue.

And that’s the reason why only patient people become experts. Patience leads to experience.

Patient people are able to endure the process. They are able to go through the steps. They are able to endure the pains that comes through discipline in patience.

Patience is important for healthy relationship:

Patience synonym: Patience to solve problems
Patience: Photo credit: Congerdesign

Patience is synonymous to a couple of words. Synonyms are words that are closely related in meaning. As a matter of fact, synonymous words can often be used as substitute. Below are some synonym’s for the patience. The synonyms helps us to understand patience better.

  • forbearance
  • tolerance
  • restraint
  • self-restraint
  • resignation
  • stoicism
  • fortitude
  • sufferance
  • endurance
  • calmness
  • composure
  • even temper
  • even-temperedness
  • equanimity
  • equilibrium
  • serenity
  • tranquillity
  • imperturbability
  • unexcitability
  • understanding
  • indulgence
  • lenience
  • kindness
  • consideration
  • longanimity
  • inexcitability
  • perseverance
  • persistence
  • tenacity
  • diligence
  • assiduity
  • application
  • staying power
  • indefatigability
  • doggedness
  • determination
  • resolve
  • resolution
  • resoluteness
  • obstinacy
  • insistence
  • singleness of purpose
  • purposefulness
  • pertinacity

Patience meaning: patience synonyms helps us understand patience meaning: forbearance, tolerance etc.
Patience means a-lot of things: Photo by EliasSch

Patience has various meanings. That’s why the synonyms of patience is a good guide to understand patience’ meaning effectively.

I have defined patience in another post on: Getting experience in anything: (patience is needed to get experience.) i’m particularly obsessed about the patience meaning that defines patience as:

Patience is the level of endurance one can have before conceding!

Importance of patience in a relationship
Learn why patience is important in your relationship.

Above we mentioned the generic importance of patience; but in this section, we will take a closer look in the importance of patience in a relationship.

  • Without patience in relationships; people tend to fight and quarrel.

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Importance of patience in work: Leads to expertise.
Only patient people become experts: Photo by stevepb

Let’s take it deeper to see the importance of patience in work:

  • Only patient people at work become experts
    Without patience it is almost impossible to get experience at work. The reason is almost obvious. A person who doesn’t have patience, will not endure the learning curves at work. And as a result, such a person will not attain the level of experience: i.e. the expert level.
    Let me put it in another word, a worker who doesn’t have the virtue of patience at work, cannot be an expert. such a person cannot attain the level of expertise.
    It is thus important to acknowledge the importance of patience in work place, and career, to attain expertise. Remember; Only patient people at work become experts. Yes only patient people become experienced people.
    Learn from the principle on Tribulations ➡ Patience ➡ Experience; Learn how Patience comes before experience.
  • Having an impatient person on a Team work is demoralising:
  • An impatient person can be cause undue embarrassment
  • An impatient person may be violent
Importance of patience in work
Importance of patience in work: without patience, it is impossible to become an expert at work: Photo credit:

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Impatience Synonym: Violent, Grumpy
Impatient people tend to be violent: Photo by Donations_are_appreciated

When you see any of the listed words below, just know that you are already in the opposite zone of patience. So if any of these impatience synonym words are found in you, then its time for you to find your way back to the land of patience. Patience has many benefits and importance in all aspects of life.

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Perseverance synonym: for successful goal setting
Perseverance is vital for reaching your goals: Photo by Engin_Akyurt

Because patience and perseverance often in the same spectrum of search, it is important for me to list out the perseverance synonym so that people can learn from them as well: Perseverance is synonymous to these listed words below:

  • persistence
  • tenacity
  • determination
  • resolve
  • resolution
  • resoluteness
  • staying power
  • purposefulness
  • firmness of purpose
  • patience
  • endurance
  • application
  • diligence
  • sedulousness
  • dedication
  • commitment
  • doggedness
  • pertinacity
  • assiduity
  • assiduousness
  • steadfastness
  • tirelessness
  • indefatigability
  • stamina
  • intransigence
  • obstinacy
  • Sitzfleisch
  • stickability
  • stick-to-it-iveness
  • continuance
  • perseveration

Patience is a virtue: an Excellent quality
Patience is a virtue: Patience is an excellent trait: Photo by mohamed_hassan

To understand this common phrase: patience is a virtue; lets seek to understand the word virtue.

According to Wikipedia on virtue:

Virtue is moral excellence.

Virtue in just two words: is moral excellence.

Virtue is a trait or quality that is deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being.

In other words, virtue is a behavior that shows high moral standards; it’s doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.

The opposite of virtue is vice.

Patience is a virtue: thus means that Patience is a moral excellence. Patience shows high moral standards; consequently, a person without patience is of low moral standards; period!

Having patience is a critical element of what makes you stand out as an excellent person; either at work or anywhere else you find yourself.

Patience is a virtue, and virtue means moral excellence.

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Get Experience: Patience leads to experience
Patience leads to experience Photo by mohamed_hassan

Use your Patience; Get Experience.

If you are looking for ways to leverage your gift of patience, then consider utilising your patience to get experience in anything you desire. I have written a post on getting experience in an endeavour. And it that post, Patience is next getting experience. The principle from that post states that:

For any Experience that you would like to get,
You should start by identifying the Tribulations (hard-times) in it,
And go through the Tribulations until you attain Patience.
Then right after you’ve attained Patience in it,
Your desired Experience will be reached.

Without patience, getting experience is almost not possible. And the reasons are almost crystal clear. At least it’s clear that someone without patience would not be able to endure on a certain cause. such a person would give up before attaining the point of experience.

Consequently, if you see a jack of all trade; going closer to them or simply observing them, you may be surprised to find out that they lack adequate patience.

It takes patience attain grit; and complete a chosen endeavour.


I hope you’ve benefited from this researched expression on patience:

Remember that patience is a virtue: thus patience is part of moral excellence. You are not an excellent person if you don’t manifest the gift of patience.


Get obsessed with patience. Get the Patience song.

Learn patience song.

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