Passover 2020: President Donald Trump’s Passover Message1 min read

Passover 2020: President Donald Trump Passover message

Passover 2020: President Donald J. Trump’s Passover Message

A white house video on YouTube released President Trump’s 2020 Passover Message.

Happy Passover! — enjoy the Passover message below:

President Donald J. Trump sends Happy Passover Message.

“Passover is truly the story of strength of the Jewish people. And for the Jewish people.

The President added

“I want to wish everybody a very happy Passover”

Meanwhile somewhere else:

Passover 2020 | Israel on Total Lockdown | Iran Attempts to Hack WHO (TV7 ISRAEL NEWS)

Israel News: Passover 2020
Israel on total lockdown ahead of Passover; Iran attempts to hack WHO – TV7



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