Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria ZIP Code: Frequently Asked Questions3 min read

Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria ZIP Code: Frequently Asked Questions

Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria ZIP Code.
Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is the difference between Nigeria Postal Code and Nigeria ZIP Code?

    This is the way it works — ZIP Code is a United States terms, — While Postal Code is the Nigeria term. So in a United States context — it would be Nigeria ZIP code, while in a Nigeria context — it would be Nigeria postal code.

    However — take note that ZIP code and Postal code means the same context. It means that in the United States, it’s called ZIP code, while in Nigeria it’s called Postal Code.

    “ZIP Code is the postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in a system it introduced in 1963″ — Wikipedia

  2. What is Postal Code? | what’s postal code? (and how are they made?)

    “Postal Codes” in Nigeria refers to numeric numbers, which consists of six digits. e.g. 900001.

    Postal codes in Nigeria are issued by NIPOST. NIPOST was coined from Nigerian Postal Service. NIPOST divides Nigeria into nine regions. That is what makes up the first digit of the Postal Codes in Nigeria.

    Combination of the Second and third digits, with the first are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. e.g. 900001
    The last three digits of the Nigerian Postal Code represents the delivery location. e.g. 900001.
    A delivery location can be either of the following; a post office facility, an urban area, or a rural area.

    It is important to understand that — the main postal Head Office (HO) for each region will be a postal code ending in 0001.

    So the Main HO in Garki Abuja has the postal code 900001

    In Lagos, the Ikeja HO has 100001. Its same for Lokoja in Kogi — 270001. etc. For the HO in Port Harcourt, it is 500001.

  3. Do I need Postal Address for FedEx, DHL, etc?

    Premium couriers and delivery companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, DPD etc. — would deliver your mails/items to your doorstep, as long as you make a proper addressing, and descriptions.

    They usually require a Landmark — i.e. a popular figure site or reference in your area. That what those premium couriers and delivery companies require in order to deliver your items to your door steps. And even when they can’t locate your house — they would give you a phone call. And in that case, you could arrange to meet them up.

    So — Do I need Postal Address for FedEx, DHL,?
    Answer is — NO!

  4. Do I need postal code for NIPOST, and EMS in Nigeria?

    YES – that’s why this post matters.

    if you need to receive a delivery via NIPOST or EMS, then you must have to provide a valid and correct Postal Address. If you don’t get your Postal address correctly with your NIPOST and EMS delivery packages, you may expect to experience delay in delivery

  5. Is 234 the Postal Code of Nigeria?

    234 is not the Postal code for Nigeria. Rather 234 is the international dialling code for Nigeria.

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