Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria Zip Code is 23401, 110001, or 00176.3 min read

Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria Zip Code: 23401, 110001, or 00176 (Nigeria's National Postal Code)

Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria Zip Code is 23401, 110001, or 00176.

Please Note: Nigeria Postal Code is equivalent to Nigeria ZIP Code.

The generic Postal Code for Nigeria is 23401, 110001, or 00176.

So that’s the code that you need to supply when you’re asked for Nigeria’s Zip code. 23401, 110001, or 00176 especially in an a international context. International context means places where they do not require your State Postal Code.  Or even your Local Government Postal Code.

I hope you catch the difference?

These Postal Code 23401, 110001, or 00176 are used in the International context. In other words, they are the generic Postal Codes for Nigeria — irrespective of where you come from within Nigeria.

Irrespective of your State, or your Local Government in Nigeria. Postal Code 23401, 110001, or 00176 are what you need to use, — when you are asked for your Postal Code — in the International Context.

But when it gets detailed. — For example, when you need to provide a nearest postal code to you. Then Check this out — Nigeria postal codes for Nigerian Local Government Areas (All the 36 Nigerian States). — Use it to identify a nearby Nigeria Postal code for your location.

Alternatively, you may also want to direct your parcel or delivery to your Head Post Office in your State (or current location as the case may be). Here is Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria ZIP Code, for Head Post Offices. (All 36 States).


Frequently Asked Questions: Nigeria Postal Code | Nigeria ZIP Code?

What is the difference between Nigeria Postal Code and Nigeria ZIP Code?

This is the way it works — ZIP Code is a United States terms, — While Postal Code is the Nigeria term. So in a United States context — it would be Nigeria ZIP code, while in a Nigeria context — it would be Nigeria postal code.

However — take note that ZIP code and Postal code means the same context. It means that in the United States, it’s called ZIP code, while in Nigeria it’s called Postal Code.

ZIP Code is the postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in a system it introduced in 1963″


What Does ZIP code means?

ZIP code means Zonal Improvement Plan.

What is Postal Code?

“Postal codes” in Nigeria refers to numeric numbers, which consists of six digits. e.g. 900001.

Postal codes in Nigeria are issued by NIPOST. NIPOST was coined from Nigerian Postal Service. NIPOST divides Nigeria into nine regions. That is what makes up the first digit of the Postal Codes in Nigeria.

Combination of the Second and third digits, with the first are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. e.g. 900001

The last three digits of the Nigerian Postal Code represents the delivery location. e.g. 900001

A delivery location can be either of the following; a post office facility, an urban area, or a rural area.

It is important to understand that — the main postal Head Office (HO) for each region will be a postal code ending in 0001.

So the Main HO in Garki Abuja has the postal code 900001

In Lagos, the Ikeja HO has 100001. Its same for Lokoja in Kogi — 270001. etc. For the HO in Port Harcourt, it is 500001.

Is 234 the Postal Code of Nigeria?


234 is not the Postal code for Nigeria. Rather 234 is the international dialling code for Nigeria.

What are the Uses of Postal codes on Nigeria?

Postal codes are primarily used for mail zoning in postal services.

Please note that, Premium courier services can deliver your mail services to your doorstep. They will even call you — when they’re finding it hard to locate your place.

However The Nigerian Postal Service, abbreviated as NIPOST will require this Postal codes for them to effectively distribute your Mail services to the right stations.

So in conclusion, either of the Nigeria Postal Codes 23401, 110001, or 00176 is what you may use as Nigeria’s Postal Code, — for an International contexts.

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