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Working from home “Work from Home” Make It Work for You

Many people are working from home this days. So we all need more knowledge about “Work from Home”.

Read on the article below to learn expert tips on how to Make “working from home” work for you.

And you would be able to reach your maximum productivity while working from home.

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Becoming more productive, while you “work from home

Laura Mae Martin is an Executive Productivity Advisor at Google:

“In my job at Google, I advise people on how to use their time as efficiently as possible.

“When working from home, my productivity strategies are even more important because I don’t have the ordinary structure of a day at the office, like commuting to work, walking to meetings, or running into coworkers.

“When your house becomes your office, you need to learn a whole new routine.

Continues… “Getting work done when your teammates aren’t physically with you has been the norm at Google for a while (in fact 39 percent of meetings at Google involve employees from two or more cities).

“But it might not be for everyone, and many people around the world are now finding themselves in new work situations. So I put together some of my go-to productivity tips—no matter where you’re working—and a few things I’ve learned about how to get it all done from home.”

9 tips from Laura about making “work from home” work for you.

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