Bill Gates Success with Ideas: “How I test bold ideas”

How Bill Gates tests bold ideas: “Bill Gates Success” with Ideas “I’m always looking for ambitious ideas on ways we can generate huge amounts of energy with minimal carbon emissions. It’s one of the defining technical challenges of our time. The urgency of the need means we have to try lots of different ideas and figure out quickly whether each idea will actually work. Part 3 of the Netflix series Inside Bill’s Brain gives a cameo role to a tool … Read More

Earthy Natural Wedding Trend | “Trend Wedding Dress”

The Earthy Natural “Wedding Trend” — you can adapt for your “wedding style”. The earthy natural wedding trend that has sparked a wave of mania and taken the industry by storm stirs our soul. We approve of it 1,000 times over every time we see an editorial like today’s delivered to us from across the pond. It’s pulsing with life, texture and romance with a wild and free spirited vibe. The earthy goodness simply works and Through The Wildflowers answers … Read More

Bill Gates: How BBQ chicken can prepare you for “life after high school”

“What Is Bill Gates Doing Today”? Bill Gates with Teacher of The Year: How BBQ chicken can prepare you for “life after high school” Bill Gates met with 2019 Washington State Teacher of the Year, Robert Hand, who teaches his students how to take care of themselves after they graduate. I never really learned how to cook. Other than scrambling eggs over a fire during Boy Scout camping trips, it just wasn’t something I was taught growing up. Because I … Read More

“Can Romance Improve Your Odds Of Survival?” Reviewed by “Bill Gates”

Bill Gates reviews “Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society” by author Nicholas Christakis. Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society Audible Audiobook – Unabridged | [By Nicholas A. Christakis] Why do I love my wife, Melinda?   The sociologist Nicholas Christakis would probably give way more practical answers than I would. He’d argue that our emotional connection gives us a greater incentive to work together to ensure the survival of our kids (and our bloodlines). If we’re … Read More