Patience quotes: Understand patience’ meaning

  Patience Quotes: I defined patience in one my articles on: getting experience in any endeavour you desire; and one of the outstanding definitions of patience there was: Patience is the level of endurance one can have before conceding! Now a second definition of patience is: “Patience is the ability to endure waiting; endure delay, or endure provocation without becoming annoyed or upset. Patience is the ability to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties. I took that much time to … Read More

How Should Christians Handle Rejection?

How Should Christians Handle Rejection | Bible verses about anxiety and fear | Bible verses about fear and anxiety Crowds saw the supernatural acts Jesus performed and still determined He was not the Messiah or the one they wanted. When Christians try to share their faith with others and are hit with rejection, Jesus models what to do next. Jesus has commanded us to make disciples of all the nations [Matthew 28:19-20]so we invite our friends to church, to Alpha, … Read More

Earthy Natural Wedding Trend | “Trend Wedding Dress”

The Earthy Natural “Wedding Trend” — you can adapt for your “wedding style”. The earthy natural wedding trend that has sparked a wave of mania and taken the industry by storm stirs our soul. We approve of it 1,000 times over every time we see an editorial like today’s delivered to us from across the pond. It’s pulsing with life, texture and romance with a wild and free spirited vibe. The earthy goodness simply works and Through The Wildflowers answers … Read More