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After test-running my new Facebook design, I would like to say that I really like how simplified the User Interface has become. In this writing, I annotate the easy to find features which I’ve discovered.

(The news feed page is that page, where you find news, and updates about your friends, pages, groups, events etc.)

New Facebook Design _ 7 Simplified User Interface Features that I Like
7 Simplified User Interface Features that I Like


  1. Facebook profile page: This is where you have your archive — Facebook posts, Facebook shares, and things you allowed on your wall. (That’s your Facebook wall)
  2. Facebook News Feed: This is the page, where you get news updates about people, pages, groups, events  — that you are connected with.
  3. Pages you manage
  4. Videos: (That video page is kinda sticky — i could leave — i had to run out of it) its just so cool The video of new Facebook design is cool. Its like Facebook spice of YouTube (Warning — trying it on dark mode of the new design might get your stock, watching videos)
  5. Facebook groups
  6. Create: page, Ads, Groups, Event
  7. Message: Create new message.

1 User Interface Feature that I Couldn’t find easily — Yet

New Facebook Design

Do you know that you can Control News Feed on Facebook, to Enjoy Facebook More — by catching the latest News and updates from your Facebook connections.

(By default Facebook shows you the top news feed, and from Facebook friends you have choose to see first.)

So there’s one saving feature on the “Classic Facebook Design” that i discovered and wrote about — Control News Feed on Facebook, to Enjoy Facebook More!

That features gives you the ability to see the “most recent” news feeds, rather than seeing news feeds from the “top friends”

Most recent news feed Facebook
Most recent news feed Facebook

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