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The Facebook new design will soon be ready (hopefully for everyone.) Facebook is working on new user interface. Features on new Facebook design will make Facebook more user friendly.

Facebook referred me to the sneak peek page of the oncoming Facebook new design, and today I’m glad to share my review on the new design features — it’s all amazing features!

Facebook New Design = Overview = More user friendly interface
Sneak a peek at the new Facebook.com = More user friendly interface

Have you been tired of your classic Facebook user interface? Well if you have, then you’re not alone. Mark Zuckerberg probably feels the same way this time, and consequently is launching a new Facebook design (hopefully or everyone.)
(Changes sometimes are awesome — right?)

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Today i’m full of enthusiasm to review the design’ sneak peek. (I was invited by Facebook to check-it-out — i’m not sure if they invited everyone)

New Facebook design: the Features

Reviewing each of the features below. I like them all — particularly the number three.

Facebook new design #1: Find what you love faster

“Get there quickly with our new streamlined way to navigate”

Facebook New Design = Navigation is easier = Access notification's faster
Navigation is easier = Access notification’s faster

Accessible navigation’s make browsing the web easier. It’s a good thing to be able to find things within a web interface without cracking your head. Facebook is bringing such experience.

The Facebook new design will allow you find things you love on Facebook with faster accessibility.

Sneak peek picture shared by Facebook brought the Notification section to more visibility. It’s brought to the sidebar on a web interface. If this features make sit live, catching up with your Facebook notification would be faster to access.

Facebook New Design = Navigation is easier = Access notification's faster 2
Navigation is easier = Access notification’s faster 2

Facebook new design #2: Cleaner look. Bigger text

“Larger fonts and simplified layouts make it easier to do what you want”

Facebook New Design = Feature #2 = Cleaner look and bigger text
Cleaner look and bigger text

Personally reflecting; the new Facebook profile page is amazingly simplified.

The most obvious difference here for me is the centralised profile picture (You know that used to be on the left hand side before — right?)

Your profile intro also comes centralised under the profile picture.

Facebook New Design = Feature #2 = Centralised profile picture
Centralised profile picture

Can you identify the difference(s)?
When you compare this Facebook new design’ profile page with your current FB profile page, — what other variation can you spot?

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FB new Design' profile page Versus Facebook profile page now
Facebook profile page

Facebook new design #3: Give your eyes a break.

Cut down on screen glare with the dramatic new look of dark mode.

Next feature is super-cool, super-fantastic, it’s my favourite feature on Facebook’ new design.

Facebook New Design = Facebook dark mode = Give your eyes a break
Facebook dark mode = Give your eyes a break

This feature is super-mind blowing. Change is vital sometimes, and enabling Facebook users to switch from light mode to dark mode is super-welcoming. This is bold, daring, and strategic. A lot of people will this dark feature of the new Facebook design. (It’s my favourite of the features.)

(I’m not sure yet if the Facebook dark mode would only be accessible at night / evening, depending on your local time — i would prefer it been always there for you to switch when you feel like.)

The dark mode of Facebook new design is meant to ease eye tension from glaring at light screen.

(Are light screen mode better on eyes, than dark screen mode? Catch that thread on which is better on Quora.)
Easier or not! The ball should always be in your court with the new design. Thumbs-up to Facebook for the Facebook dark mode.

FB new design #4: See photos and videos full screen.

Catch up and comment on recent stories, shows and albums with a new immersive layout.

FB new design #4 = See photos and videos full screen.
See photos and videos full screen.

This fourth feature will change the way pictures are displayed on Facebook.  Videos inclusive will have a full screen layout I the new Facebook design.

Next section below, I will talk about how you can get the new Facebook design.

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How to get Facebook new design: Invitation is by selection

I got invited to see the sneak peek of the new design. However if you’ve not yet been invited by Facebook to catch the sneak peek, then it’s by random selection.

Facebook New Design: Invitation to see the new Facebook experience
Invitation to see the new Facebook experience

But I don’t think anyone would be left out of this new Facebook design. This new Facebook design is likely going to be a general upgrade for all Facebook users, because CEO Mark Zuckerberg had announced (few months prior) a plan to redesign; during Facebook’s F8 developer keynote.

The second reason why I believe no Facebook user would left out on the new design of Facebook is because, i could see that some design features on the new design preview has never been released before by Facebook. (At least, I have not experienced a Facebook dark mode, and neither have i seen a Facebook profile page with centralised profile picture.

Talking about the post-invitation page, scrolling down the page show a big blue button that says “Join Waitlist”.

FB new design: Join Waitlist = We'll let you know when you can try it
Join Waitlist = We’ll let you know when you can try it

Now i’m about to click the button to join the waitlist, as a i bring this article to a conclusion. (Joined!)

FB new design waitlist = joined
Waitlist = joined

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