Dayton Sunday shooting: Nine already killed, gunman also died3 min read

Nine humans were been killed and at least 27 injured in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio — It’s the second in the US in 24 hours.

Police killed the gunman while he was still at the point of the mass shooting.

The mass shooting by the gunman started at 01:07 local time (05:07 GMT) in the Oregon district of the city centre.

The local mayor said the gunman wore frame armour and came carrying greater ammunition.

The suspect used a .223-calibre attack rifle with high-capacity magazines.

Nan Whaley told news agents she became “amazed” through the fast reaction of the police officials.

“As a mayor, this is a day that we all dread happening,” she said. “What’s very sad is I’ve got messages from mayors across the country – it’s sad that we’ve all gone through it.”

The incident came only hours after a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas — which left at the least 20 humans lifeless.

The Gun Violence Archive says there had been 251 cases of mass shootings thus far — this year.

What took place in Dayton?

Video Footage from social media showed humans running, while dozens gunshots sounds filled the streets.

It happened around Ned Peppers Bar on E 5th Street. The Ned Peppers bar announced on its social media that its team of workers are safe.

Police said all the fatalities took place outdoors — in the street.

Dayton mass shooting | Eyewitness Video.

Picture of the Location

Dayton Area View | Dayton Mass Shooting
Dayton Area View

“Nearby hospitals had received 27 people and discharged 15 by 10:00 local time (14:00 GMT)”

Who was Dayton Attacker?

According to information from CBS — Law enforcement agencies says the Dayton attacker is a 24 years old. His name is Connor Betts — from Bellbrook, Ohio.

Report said that the Police already identified the attacker, but refused to identify him during a news conference. And that Police were searching at the attackers house on Sunday.

Picture of the Attacker | Dayton Sunday Shooting

The motive of Connor Betts, the Dayton attacker is yet unknown.

“We do not know the mind of the shooter,” -Mayor Whaley stated.

The FBI agents are also supporting the Police with the research.

Reaction on the Dayton mass shooting: Nan Whaley

Nan Whaley is the Mayor of Dayton.

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