Control News Feed on Facebook, to Enjoy Facebook More!

What is a Facebook news feed?

What is News feed on facebook?
What is News feed on facebook? The page where you get friend’ news updates

Facebook news feed is that page where you get updates from friends on your Facebook network.

Your Facebook news feed not only contains news from your friends, but it also contains updates from Pages, groups, events and even sponsored contents on Facebook.

Facebook news feed Vs. Facebook Timeline.

The Facebook news feed is slightly different from the Facebook timeline. We have said that the Facebook news feed contains news updates from your friends and your Facebook connections.

So on the other hand, — Facebook Timeline contains your archives of news which you’ve posted to your Facebook account. The content of your Facebook timeline, thus becomes the news feed for your friends. (There own timeline stories becomes your own news feed).


So we have covered the two methods of taking control of your Facbeook news feed.

Which of the two methods is your favorite option?

Remember that the first option is for you to switch from the Top post, to the most recent post, while the second method is for you to customize your News Feed Preferences.

For me, personally, I’ve really been enjoying the option of switching to the most recent news feed.

It has made me get more fresh contents on the news feed on Facebook, and consequently, I’ve been making some awesome connections again on Facebook.

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