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News Feed in Facebook can greatly influence your experience on Facebook. The news feed on Facebook determines what you see in your news updates on the site. And that’s how it impacts your experience on that social media site.

Control Facebook news feed, to see more from your facebook network
What is Facebook news feed? Photo credit: by thecardinaldelaville

By the way —

Do you know that you can control the news updates that you get in your Facebook news feed? It’s like being in charge of the remote control of your Facebook news feed.

The benefits:

The benefits that comes with the ability to control your Facebook news feed will thrill you. Let me tell you the benefits. It will make you enjoy Facebook way more?

Well that’s because things may now get monotonous. You see the same set of people every-time you open your Facebook News feed.
News feed from only a few number people on your network. And Yet there are many people on your Facebook network.

Facebook is a big site:

(Most people have more 1000 friend connections on Facebook. My self inclusive). Then why don’t you see updates from majority (and i mean majority)

Well that’s like shrinking the site. It’s not too fun that way.
So its time to enjoy the massive connection on your Facebook network. Time to get news in a random way. And hear from other friends on your network. That’s the excitement we used to have on Facebook them when it was a smaller.

Being able to get real-time updates from your friends on Facebook, you have a blank opportunity to hear from an old friend. An old friend will get a like from you soon. You would start new conversations again. It’s time to spark up some amazing friendship again, from your Facebook friends around.

[What is facebook news feed?]

That’s what this post is all about — its time to do it.

Two ways to control Facebook news feed

We are going to use two of facebook leverages to take charge of what shows up in the facebook news feed.

  1. Switching your Facebook news feed from top stories to most recent stories.
  2. Customizing your news feed on Facebook: (There are four ways around this method)
    • Priotize
    • Unfollow
    • Reconnect
    • See more

Lets talk first — about switching the Facebook news feed from top stories, to most recent stories.

1. How to switch Facebook news feed from top stories, to most recent stories.

switch Facebook news feed from top stories, to most recent stories
Switch from Top posts, to Most recent news feed. Photograph Credit: Scigola


The default News Feed display
After you login to Facebook, you would arrive at the news feed page — where you get to see updates from friends and pages on your network. And By default, Facebook your Facebook news pages displays the top stories first. The top stories comprises of the popular stories.

Many of us do not know that we can switch from seeing the Top stories first, to see the recent stories.

Facebook, as Twitter
Switching from top stories, to most recent stories on Facebook News Feed makes Facebook serve you like Twitter. You get to catch the latest news from your Facebook news feed.

You won’t just be seeing the hyper news from the major influencers on your Facebook account — rather you would catch up on the latest news — in real time, as your friends drop them.

It kind of makes you use Facebook as a news network discovery network. It made a difference when I tried it. And in just three steps — I’m going to guide you exactly how to get the recent news from the Facebook posts on your News Feed in most recent order. This is really a significant leverage.

In three steps — learn how to see the most recent posts at the top of your News Feed.News feed: Facebook Most Recent Post viewing

News feed: Facebook Most Recent Post viewing
News feed: Facebook Most Recent Post viewing
  1. Click Home at the top of Facebook.
  2. Hover over the News Feed tab in the left side menu and click
  3. Select Most Recent.

So that’s exactly how you can switch from top stories to most recent stories on your Facebook News Feed.

2. How to customize your news feed on Facebook.

How to take control and customize your News Feed.

If you would like to take control of your Facebook news feed, by customization — then this second method is for you. The information below guides you on how to control your News Feed, by customization:

  1. Click in the from the top right corner of any Facebook page (e.g. from your home page).
  2. Go ahead and select News Feed Preferences.
  3. After you’ve clicked on the news feed preferences in Facebook, it brings you to a page where you can adjust your news feed preference.
How to take control and customize your News Feed.
How to take control and customize your News Feed.

Adjusting your Facebook News Feed preferences:
There are three major ways for you to personalize your Facebook news feed. They are:

  • Priotize
  • Unfollow
  • Reconnect
Facebook news feed _ Take control and customize your news feed
Options to customise Facebook news feed.

Take a look at the explanation below, for how to customise your Facebook news feed, using the News Feed Preferences. Three of the five options suits this purpose the most.

Click Prioritize who to see first to enable posts from people or Pages appear at the top of your News Feed. You should use this to choose whose posts you don’t want to miss. The post that you select in this setting will always show up at the at the top of your News Feed.
At the moment, Facebook allows you to prioritise 30 people. When the limit of 30 people is reached — Facebook prompts you to remove person from your priority lists — to be able to add new one to your news feed priorities.

Click Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts to unfollow a person, Page or group. Learn about unfollowing.

Click Reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed to follow a person, Page or group that you unfollowed in the past. Learn about reconnecting.

See more
Click See more options to see which apps you’ve hidden from News Feed.

Extra: for those may want to know — what is a Facebook news feed?

What is a Facebook news feed?

What is News feed on facebook?
What is News feed on facebook? The page where you get friend’ news updates

Facebook news feed is that page where you get updates from friends on your Facebook network.

Your Facebook news feed not only contains news from your friends, but it also contains updates from Pages, groups, events and even sponsored contents on Facebook.

Facebook news feed Vs. Facebook Timeline.

The Facebook news feed is slightly different from the Facebook timeline. We have said that the Facebook news feed contains news updates from your friends and your Facebook connections.

So on the other hand, — Facebook Timeline contains your archives of news which you’ve posted to your Facebook account. The content of your Facebook timeline, thus becomes the news feed for your friends. (There own timeline stories becomes your own news feed).


So we have covered the two methods of taking control of your Facbeook news feed.

Which of the two methods is your favorite option?

Remember that the first option is for you to switch from the Top post, to the most recent post, while the second method is for you to customize your News Feed Preferences.

For me, personally, I’ve really been enjoying the option of switching to the most recent news feed.

It has made me get more fresh contents on the news feed on Facebook, and consequently, I’ve been making some awesome connections again on Facebook.

So that all for this post. For more Lifestyle content, browse the Lifestyle category, on Mediadise.



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