A book about growth—in every sense

Today I got another new article from Bill Gates, and I will like to share with you what I’m learning from his writing on: Growth from microorganisms to megacities. A book by Vaclav Smil.

Bill Gates titled the book review article as: ABC

Bill Gates is quoted in front cover of the book; endorsing author Vaclav Smil.
“There is no author whose books I look forward to more than Vaclav Smil”

What a great endorsement!
Personally I believe that having this endorsement on the front cover of the book is enough to sell a few extra copies; (because we can never ignore the power of influencer marketing in today’s marketing space.)

So if you’re feeling already like getting a couple of Vaclav Smil’s book, below are some helpful links to do that:
Vaclav Smil: Energy Transitions
KW:Vaclav Smil: Amazon Books
KW:Vaclav Smil: Audible Books

Now let’s get started with what the richest man in our world (since 2014 and still counting) has to say about Vaclav Smil’s book: “GROWTH from microorganisms to megacities.”

(If you already trust that this book is going to be amazing, and you would like to own a copy from Amazon books, here’s: KW: GROWTH Vaclav Smil Amazon.)

Bill Gates started his reflection on the book:


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