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6 Search Result Steps, for Getting, Accurate Google Search Results (search engine result page)

If You Can Ask the Right Question You Can Get the Right Answer

This will show you 6 search result skills, for getting better Google search results. AND also answer the question of: Will Google remove a page that I don’t like from its search results?

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“Search has been around for more than 20 years and we see billions of queries every day.

“Today I’ve already used Search” — to check for News and Trends happening around me.

“But with so much information online today, the fastest way to find exactly what you’re looking for isn’t always obvious.”

Daniel Russell — a 14 years Google research scientist for Search, said:
“I’ve conducted several studies to understand how people collect, organize and understand large amounts of information when they search the web.

He continued:
“I also teach online and in-person classes to equip people with useful techniques for navigating Search.”

To higlight significance of this topic–getting accurate Google search results. Daniel Russell even wrote a book: “The Joy of Search: A Google Insider’s Guide to Going beyond the Basics.”

“There are six simple steps that I teach my students—people of all ages—to help them quickly find the information they are searching for.

Search engine result page Expert tips

Search result (google search result tips )

Google search results skills #1

Do one more search

“Often people come to Search, see the first results on the page, and assume that’s the right answer.

He added — “But one simple search on a complex topic may not be enough to uncover the correct answer to your question.

“Conducting two or three searches offers a number of perspectives and credible sources for a well-rounded view on the subject.”

Google search results skills #2

Check the credibility of your sources

“When you search on the web, make sure that the site you land on is the best source of information for what you’re looking for.

“Consider the primary purpose of the website and ask yourself:

  1. What are they trying to help me with?
  2. What is their goal in providing this information?
  3. Does the information on the website align with other credible sources?

One other effective way to “check the credibility of a website is to look at online forums or discussion boards to see what other people are saying about the website.”

Google search results skills #3

Don’t include the answer in your question

This is third one is really insightful — “You might search for something when you already suspect the answer. But including that answer in the query may sway the search results toward what you think the answer is.

“For example, if you search for “do golden retrievers weigh 85 pounds,” you may find “85 pounds” baked into the webpages that result from your search. Instead search “weight of golden retrievers.” This will show you a variety of results.”

“From there, you can narrow down the correct answer by applying the credible source technique above.”

Google search results skills #4

Explore other kinds of searchable content (Images, Videos, Books)

“It can be useful to use Search’s other features, beyond just web search, especially when you want to find content that’s inherently visual.

Suppose you want to find an example of how to lay out a resume to find a new job; you may want to explore Google Images for example resumes and web pages with useful job search information.

Or, if you want to learn how to cook scallops like your favorite famous chef, you can search through Videos for step-by-step instructional content. Or, say you can’t remember what page a quote is on inside your favorite book.

Google Books lets you search for key phrases or excerpts within books, down to the page and paragraph.

Use double quotes around your phrase inside of Google Books to find where it’s located within the text.

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Meanwhile the section below continues to on how to “Remove google search result

Remove result from google search

Remove google search result | Remove result from google search

Perhaps there’s a page about you on the web|internet. And for some reason(s) you don’t like the page.

And you are wondering–will Google remove the page from its search results? — Learn from this presentation to find out if Google will remove a page that you don’t like from its serach result — learn why or why not.

Presentation by Matt Cutts–Google Webmaster staff.


Will Google remove a page that I don’t like from its search results?

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