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4 Smart DIY Innovations, against spreading Covid-19 _ design hacks _ iot hacks

As the world makes effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, I bring you smart innovative ideas, I found people using around the web. And the interesting part is that, you can DIY too.

From Finland’s, supermarkets using arms instead of hands to open doors,
To hanging facemask’s straps, on buttons — rather than on ears.
And to pizza delivery flown straight to your window
To faucet handle to use on taps


Supermarkets in Finland are testing door handles that let customers use their arms instead of hands

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Someone believes that customers will instinctively use their hands, rather than use their arms — ” Customer uses arm to open….then instinctively uses hand to close it…..doh!”

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Another person believes that people sneeze into their arms, so opening doors with arms still poise the risk of contracting Coronavirus — “People sneeze into that forearm area and wipe their nose all the time. You’re much better off having something down lower that people can manipulate with there feet.”


Because wearing a face mask for an extended period of time can hurt your ears, how about hanging the strap of the facemask to a button?

4 Smart DIY Innovations, against spreading Covid-19 _ ADDING BUTTONS ON FACEMASK

(As usual you should expect, there would be reactions)

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Someone believes that the elevated mask affects the eye glass — “Now, how do you not fog up your glasses?”

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I’m rolling with bandannas, and I had to invent this little dual-purpose hair tie for my long hair that also clips together and holds in place the corners of the bandanna.
It’s dope, I’m like Thomas Edison or something.”


A pizza delivery flown straight to your window
A drone delivering your pizza right to your window is amazing.
And it fosters social distancing.

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Someone acknowledges the technology behind the fun sight of this innovation — ” Looks fun but that’s CGI. Pretty darn good CGI though.”

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This is on a funny note — someone feels the drone should be able to self explode — should incase someone tries to snatch the drone home (lol) — “Amazing.. tech.. but drone will need to have the feature of self explode.. if Ppl try to forcefully take the drone home.. Rolling on the floor laughing, Rolling on the floor”


Imagine having a faucet handle to use on taps, so that you can use your elbow instead of getting your hands dirty.

4 Smart DIY Innovations, against spreading Covid-19 _ FAUCET HANDLE FOR ELBOWS INSTEAD OF HANDS.

People just want to save their hands, and use elbows.
And that’s fantastic approach. (I hope you catch the point)

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Someone believes this approach is solving a long time problem! — “I always hated those handles…. some of them were a tight fit so you couldn’t even spin them with a soapy hand”

Innovation starts small

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Another person feels this is awesome too! — “Modern problems require modern solutions.
Nice work!”

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“I’d never even thought about something like this, but maybe I will need to make one. Thanks for sharing the idea!”

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