3 Ways Working from Home Can Affect Your Body +How to Fix It5 min read

You’re hunched over your computer

3 Ways Working from Home Can Affect Your Body +How to Fix It _ Sitting on computer
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Additionally, “most office setups are designed to maximize ergonomics on the job. Your computer is (or should be) set up so you’re looking straight at it when you work and your office chair is supportive, all to try to keep you comfortable while you work.

At home, that can be a little trickier to pull off, especially if you’re using a laptop on your actual lap. That can lead to a hunched posture, which isn’t ideal.

“Having a scrunched, hunched desk posture typically causes an imbalance between the front of the chest, shoulders, ribs cage, and the back of the head, neck, and jaw,” Welsh says.

“I talk about this a lot with patients.” Adam says she’s spoken to many patients lately, via telemedicine, who say they’re struggling with the fallout of hunching over a computer. “I’ve heard from a lot of patients that they’re having more neck and back pain,” she says.

The goal is to keep your body in proper alignment and keep the right posture while you’re working. Adam recommends making sure that your computer is positioned high enough on your work area so that you’re not looking down at it, and that your knees are positioned at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

If you think of it, rolling your shoulders back a few times during your day can help too, she says.”