3 Ways Working from Home Can Affect Your Body +How to Fix It5 min read

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For many of us “who have found themselves working from home, with little to no notice, because of the coronavirus shutdown, there has been a lot to adjust to — creating a DIY office, figuring out how to exercise without access to a gym, and simply being stuck inside, all at once.

And while it may seem minor from a physical standpoint, that sudden change in routine and environment can be jarring your body, say experts.

“The body is incredibly interconnected and depends on multiple feedback loops or lines of communication to perform all of its normal duties,” Dr. Leah Welsh, an osteopathic family and integrative-medicine physician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, tells Yahoo Life.

“This includes physical positioning, mental activity, emotional support and stress — everything that happens to and inside of us, the body keeps track.”

Your body gets used to having certain rhythms and routines, and relies on a schedule of sorts to function consistently, Welsh says. “These queues and rhythms are very different for a lot of us in this new stay-at-home chapter,” she says.

It’s not all bad, she notes — there are just a few common traps that can throw your body out of whack. Keep these points in mind.”